There was lots of fun and exciting things going on in Aston Village during the month of July. We also helped some of the children celebrate their birthdays.

Some of the activities that the children enjoyed included a Carnival Day that the staff organised for the 4th of July, the children enjoyed face painting, making banners and posters out of the American colours and Niall put together different carnival games using recyclable materials. There was guessing how many balls was in the jar, hook the duck, skittles and lots more.

We also had a pirate week and on the last day we threw a pirate party. All the children went to a great effort on the day when they arrived in dressed up as pirates and Megan added some beards and eyepatches using the face paint for an extra touch. Throughout the week, the children learned some pirate phrases and they worked very hard as a team painting a huge treasure map and a pirate ship with flags. We had a treasure hunt in the garden and the children were all put to the challenge of walking the plank.

The afterschool children asked could we have a science week, so on the third week of July the children helped Niall set up some small experiments like guessing if the object floats or doesn’t float, we talked about how everyone has five senses and we set up different sensory play for all the children to explore.

Some other things that happened during July was a teddy bears picnic, the children have been learning loads of new action songs and nursery rhymes and we are looking forward to seeing what August brings.