The ‘Little Lions’ had great fun during the month of October, with Halloween being one of the main themes of interest. The children did lots of different art and craft activities, such as hand print witches and foot print Frankenstein’s.  

All the babies dressed up for our Halloween party and they enjoyed dancing and moving around to the Halloween music and rhymes. The song of the month was ‘Incy wincy’ spider and there was some cool Incy Wincy spiders made from paper plates on display in the room too.  

The ‘Zebra Room’ was very busy this month. The children were exploring the theme Halloween and Road Safety. There was also lots of Halloween arts and crafts and sensory play throughout the month. As part of road safety week, the children learned about the different colours on the traffic light and what they symbolized. They made traffic light play dough and even got to go on the bus that the bus driver took up to us so the children could practice getting on and off safely and practice putting on their seat belts – we all sang the wheels on the bus to the bus driver to say thank you. 

The ‘Tiger Room’ had their first Jo Jingles music session recently and all of the children really enjoyed it. The main theme of the month was Halloween and the children were very creative making black and orange sensory play out of rice and pasta. Some of the other themes were road safety, exploring colours and autumn animals. You can see some of the wonderful art work in the pictures below.  They also learned about Road Safety for Beep Beep Day and enjoyed the visit from the bus and bus driver too. 

We would like to say Happy Halloween to everyone and we look forward to seeing what the next month brings.