Friday 21st June and it was time for the graduation celebration in Bay Estate. Mr. Sun certainly took his hat off and smiled broadly down on the Pugwash Bay gang as the daisy room kicked off at 9.30 am with a fabulous array of songs, including Kiera’s own composition “good ships” and everyone’s favorite ” shotgun”. Kiera was extremely proud  of all their efforts. The main room “Poppy Room”  where the graduations took place was taken over by a riot of colorful hot air balloons symbolizing each child’s journey now they are moving forward. All three rooms embraced the theme “we are the world” and enclosed it in a myriad of art work pieces and flags, highlighting the diversity of culture from around the world.
The Poppy room marched on at 10.30 am greeting parents and grandparents in Samoan, Lithuanian, Irish, English and French. When it came to singing ” Molly Malone” the whole room joined in and the atmosphere was electric, arms swaying high in the air. Caroline and Emma were chuffed at how the children all relaxed into their performance and enjoyed themselves bringing a tear to all eyes. When they recited the Irish poem ‘bogha baistì’ they surprised everyone.
Finally, at 11.30 the sunflower room were up and they performed a medley including ” everywhere we go” and the even popular “baby shark”. Wunmi was extremely proud of all the boys and girls as they did themselves and her very proud.
Each room showed their green fingers, planting a beautiful flower in a “boho chic” style planter made from recycled materials, all done by the children themselves and presented to the mum’s on the day. This included a poem about how parents nurture children to grow big and strong just as the plant itself will be nurtured and grow.
Tea, coffee and refreshments and a selfie stand were enjoyed by all at the end of each performance. Amanda was so very proud of all the Children and staff as they did a brilliant show for all.