This month all the children have been in enjoying the lovely weather so much that we have been spending most of our time out in the garden.

They had great fun in competing in our obstacle course and sports day. To cool us all down the children make some homemade ice pops which where yummy!
We also made fans for the hot weather to keep us nice and cool.
The children wanted to create a 3D farm out of recycled boxes and some of the girls created their own dolls house from card and paper!
As part of our friendship week the children created their own new friendship tree which looks lovely and very colourful!
We are making butterflies for our garden and are going to create a fairy land area too. When the heat got to much for us we enjoyed some relaxing time inside and had games, creative colouring, slime and playdough activates to enjoy.
 This week we have also started to learn all about  country Spain and the language spoken there too. This encourage inclusion and learning about different cultures which in return helps children feel more at home who have Spanish back grounds. We are looking into expanding this idea with other cultures too.
Overall we are having great fun and enjoying the lovely weather.
Time flies by when your having so much fun!