We were so excited about all the creative fun we had experienced over the Christmas period and would like to thank all the children’s families who where able to attend their Christmas shows.

This was a positive way in which we got to share special moments of your child’s preschool journeys with you.

It was lovely to come back into the new year and have the promise of a relaxing yoga class for all the children to look forward to. This is a great way to promote well-being where the children will be as healthy and fit as they can be.  Overall January was a busy month as the children were very busy extending their healthy theme from  learning the importance of why we have to brush our teeth, to tasting new foods like vegetables and fruit that are good for you!

Moving forward into February saw us celebrate Valentines day. Everyone got on board with learning about caring for one another and sharing how we love all our families. We hope you all enjoyed the fantastic cards the children so excitedly made! Also in February the children got to embrace traditional Chinese culture for Chinese New Year by decorating the rooms with lanterns, experimenting with chop sticks and getting to try on Chinese attire. This was a positive way in which we got to extend the children’s cultural knowledge.

All the children were so excited when our very own superhero Brian came out to visit and share all his new stories about  getting ready for his big  adventure to Alaska to raise funds for a cause close to all our hearts ” Temple Street Hospital”  The children were mesmerized with stories of snow and ice, rivers and bears. Brian brought along loads of special equipment for the children to try out. This went down a storm!  As Brian left to go on his new adventure the children were so excited to start their own Alaskan journey. The poppy room explored brown bears and how they hibernate and were able to then link this to their cousins, the Polar bears of Alaska. Our original busy bear of Bay Estate hitched himself a lift in Brian’s rucksack. We just hope he didn’t decide to stay in Alaska with his extended polar family!! Our daisy room got to explore all about the northern lights and igloo’s. The children expressed how they thought the sky looked so pretty as they dragged coloured chalk across the page.  The sunflower room also explored how cold the weather could get, how deep the snow could fall and the extra warm clothes the people would have to wear. The Children got to enjoy a Yoga party in our PJ’s  in aid of temple street as part of Brian’s big adventure.  Overall  February was a jam packed month of exploring and thinking and lots of fun too!

Now that we have entered into the month of March spring has arrived and spirits are high all children are enjoying all the stories about Ireland and the little leprechauns looking for their pots of gold! The children are so excited about learning songs for their St Patricks day party, while enjoying creative arts like Leprechaun traps! Look forward to seeing who they will catch!!