Local business man Brian Bell is stepping out of his normal daily routine at Pugwash Bay to complete his most difficult challenge to date; Brian is going to take on Alaska in aid of Temple Street Children’s Hospital, a charity close to his heart.

Originally from Wexford but living in county Louth, Brian and his wife Sharon had a vision, a vision to offer a wonderful level of care to the children in their local area of Annagassan. Sharon, having already a background in nursing was the ideal person for this venture. They began with one school where they started their journey taking care of the children in the surrounding areas. Here they catered from infant’s right up to school aged children; some of which will be young adults now. This setting is still in operation and offers sessional care to children from 2.5 years of age. Sharon and Brian had wonderful support from the families and staff and so this vision grew and with it so did the Pugwash Bay family. Pugwash Bay Ltd currently has 6 highly successful services across the Northeast. Pugwash Bay Ltd caters for children from 4 months to 12 years across their various settings. Each setting offers a high level of care from teams of highly qualified professionals thus ensuring each child’s needs, health and well-being is catered for to the highest standards. Pugwash Bay Ltd offers an open door policy and strives to work in partnership with our parents. Our staffs are renowned for their caring approach and treat every child with respect and provide a home from home warm loving environment.

Brian has fundraised for Temple Street Children’s Hospital on numerous occasions. So what’s new about this event? Let us begin by offering some insight into exactly what this challenge entails.

The ITI 1000 Iditarod trail invitational race is not for the light hearted, this is known as the world’s longest and toughest winter ultra-marathon. Only the most experienced racers would dare to compete. Temperatures can vary from -50F to 35F; with a multitude of weather conditions within any 24 hours.

Participants must be self-sufficient and reply only on the supplies they carry with them or have sent ahead prior to the race. This will require human willpower like no other. Only the most qualified applicants are selected for this daunting challenge each year.

There are only 7 checkpoints throughout this race where participants can get some hot and cold water and set up some lodgings. Some stations may sell lodgings or a meal.
Brian will begin his race on February 24th @2pm at Knik Lake.

Brian is doing all of this for Temple Streets Children’s Hospital. All donations are greatly welcomed and anyone willing to support such a courageous venture can donate online or through any of our branches.

Brian is no stranger to danger. Brian being the only male in our 6 Pugwash Bay branches across the Northeast often steps out to find some new challenges. Here are some of Brian’s adventures to date:

And many, many, more.

Please support Brian on his biggest challenge to date.

Athlete tracking goes live Feb 24th @ http://www.iditarodtrailinvitational.com/2019race/athletetracking

This is a very worthy cause so we do ask everyone to get behind Brian on his venture through Alaska in aid of Temple Street Children’s hospital.

Donations can be given online or through the following setting:

Please follow Brian’s journey, and watch out for his updates as he reports back to us!

On behalf of all the staff at Pugwash Bay , Thank You Brian!