Its been a very busy time in Knockbridge as the children made their own Valentines gifts for their loved ones. They created hand-print love messages and sun catchers and went home with bags stuffed full of their creations.

They explored the countries of Australia, China and Alaska. We learnt that Kangaroos hold their baby Joeys in their pouches when they are born, the Chinese celebrate with flamboyant dragons and their alphabet is very different to ours. We learnt about how cold it can be in Alaska and made igloos, snow bears and had a pyjama day to help raise money for the Hospital that looks after sick children in Dublin.

We met Captin Pugwash who was going on an Alaskan adventure. He showed us his sled, his special sleeping bag and gloves, and also his little cooker. We found out that you cannot get nuggets and chips up the mountain!!

We learnt all about healthy eating and even used that for pancake Tuesday. We had jam, blueberries and honey instead of chocolate spread.  We are very good at eating fruit and veg and even have ‘special taste it day’.

We will be doing our gardening very soon and growing our own sunflowers and cress.

We will be going green for St. Patricks day and then we have Easter to look forward to.. It’s so exciting here at this time of the year.


Kind Regards

Fidelma and the Knockbridge Team