Monday the 24th June was the day for the graduation celebrations in Knockbridge. The bumblebees room were so excited about their big day. The children done so well getting into their positions and we begun the graduation with a brief introduction. Small groups of children sang the days of the week and the months of the year and of course the got a big round of applause from all the parents and grandparents . Next up the group sang a poem called ‘I’m a little graduate ‘. After our poem we had some children give examples of what we learned throughout the year , these included ABCs, counting to 10, the life cycle of a frog and how to plant. The children then changed into their gowns and returned to the stage to perform their show stopper ‘Dynamite ‘. Without a doubt the children done an amazing job and we are all super proud of them

The Caterpillar Room had a wonderful end of year ceremony where they all sang songs for the parents and grandparents who came to join in the celebrations. They preformed the days of week and done counting to 10. The main performance of baby shark where all the parents and grandparents joined in was a showstopper.