We have been enjoying the good weather and enjoying playing out in the garden lots this month.

Our babies had some fun in the sun and in the Smarties room they made a sensory tray with sand coloured pasta and pasta shapes. All the children really enjoyed exploring the new texture. They enjoyed lots of messy play too and painting.

The Little Buttons have enjoyed painting with lollipop stick and doing stamp painting they also made some lovely lady bugs.

In the Marshmallows room we decided to use a different painting method, we put our tables upside down, one table on top of another then we wrapped cling film around the legs of the table then we got messy painting – it was great fun.

The Rolos room did some water play and enjoyed lots of outdoor play this month in the sun shine. We created a bee hive and made bees in arts and crafts and also made a beautiful flower garden.

The children also enjoyed some sensory play including rice trays, glittery water play, play dough and making musical bottles. This week is currently beach week and the children are enjoying sand play and making a beach in a box with seashells. We are also learning about water safety.