We had Brian come to visit us in February to talk to us about his race he was doing in Alaska to raise money for temple street children`s hospital and he showed us all his equipment he would be using and the type of food he would bring to cook.  We used World Book Day, as our main fundraising day and  we decided to dress up as our favorite characters from our books. Thank you to everyone who made a donation.

We were very busy over the last few months, In February we had valentine’s day and we were all very busy making our valentine`s arts and crafts and talking about love and how we can express it and what love means to us.

We started off March with pancake Tuesday and each room had pancakes which they got to have and decorate.  Our ECCE rooms have been enjoying recognizing numbers from 1 to 10 and what each number represents. We also were starting to recognize colours by searching for the specific colour in the room, we had lots of fun doing this exploring our colours.

We have been very busy doing role play in our rooms we took a big interest in pretending to be surgeons / doctors and patients and we got all dressed up which was so much fun!

This was then followed by Saint Patrick`s day and we were all  very busy making saint Patrick’s day arts and crafts which include shamrocks, hats and badges etc. so we decided to put theses to use and a have Green day on Friday the 15th of March. We made green playdough that day and had other fun activities such as music and dancing for the celebrations.

This week we have mother`s day so we have been very busy doing some lovely arts and crafts for our Mammy`s to show them how much we love and appreciate them for all that they do for us!

Each room has also been working on different themes based on the children`s interests, the rolos room has been doing farm themed activities, malteasers room has been role playing doctors, skittles room has been exploring different animals and Marshmallows room has been doing some messy play and creative painting.

Please follow our Facebook page for updates and to see some pictures of what we have been getting up to.

Thank you from all the staff in Lis Na Dara.