In the ‘Smarties Room’ the children had lots of fun doing Halloween themed arts & crafts. They made ghosts with cotton wool, black cats with colorful whiskers and some spooky Halloween spiders.

The ‘Little Buttons’ explored the theme of music at the beginning of the month. The children enjoyed painting musical symbols and made their very own guitars. We had great fun and enjoyment signing our songs and playing the musical instruments. Towards the end of the month we explored the theme of Halloween and have been busy making ghosts, pumpkins, monsters and spooky Halloween cards. The children all really enjoyed our Halloween dress up day – we had scary lions, witches and dinosaurs too. We got messy with ‘ghostly gloop’ and ‘scary spaghetti’ it was great fun exploring the different textures.

The ‘Marshmallows Room’ had great fun exploring the theme of Halloween with lots of art & crafts making pumpkins and spiders. We also enjoyed some messy play with black & orange pasta & rice in our sensory tray. We also enjoyed pumpkin carving and used the pumpkin seeds for sensory play. We made some spooky ghost foot prints too and we all enjoyed dressing up for our Halloween party.

We also explored the theme of dinosaurs with some hand print dinosaurs and stomp painting. We had some dinosaurs story time and learned all about the different types of dinosaurs.

For road Safety week we made a zebra crossing and some traffic lights so that we could practice crossing the road safely.

The ‘Rolos Room’ began the month by learning all about Fire Safety – the children had a visit from the local fire brigade and all the children got to sit in the fire engine, spray the water hosepipe and wear the firefighters helmet. The children learned how to call 999 for help and learned how to ‘stop, drop & roll’ in case of a fire.

We also learned about road safety for Beep Beep Day where the children learned how to safely cross the road, we made traffic lights and enjoyed lots of fun games like musical vehicles and I spy to help with observing & traffic rules.

The “Rolos Room’ also enjoyed some Autumn themes activities like leaf marbling painting and we all helped to set up a nature table in the class room where the children learned about leafs changing colour and falling odd the trees.

For Halloween the ‘Rolos Room’ enjoyed lots of spooky activities such as messy play with ‘brain jelly’ Halloween mystery boxes and lots of Halloween arts and crafts. We all really enjoyed our Halloween fancy dress party and had some yummy spooky treats.