The Jelly Baby room have had lots of fun in the new ball pool. We also enjoyed some gluing & sticking and done some hand print painting, We had messy play with play dough and gloop. It was great fun exploring all the different textures.

In the Smarties Room the children have been enjoying arts & crafts using glue. They have been sticking colourful paper bits onto white pages. They have also had lots of fun exploring animals and coloured in pictures of cats & dogs.

The Little Buttons room have been very busy this month doing lots of fun activities such as baking, messy play and painting. Art activities included making colourful butterflies, caterpillars, bees and dinosaur. There has been lots of stomping so we made our very own messy dinosaur swamp and we saved the dinosaur that were trapped in jelly. It was great fun and very messy.

The Skittles Room spent the month getting to know each other. We focused on the theme ‘All About Me’. We drew self portraits and we made our houses out of cardboard & paint. We also learned about our senses. We tried a different range of food for taste including spicy, sweet & sour. We finished off the month with sensory & messy play themes making autumnal play dough infused with different spices and we also enjoyed making gloop.

It has also been a busy month in the Rolos room where the new ECCE group has been settling in well. Roisin & Clodagh began the month with some introduction games and songs. Learning about Hygiene and Germs were next, where we used glitter on toys & hands to show how easy germs spread. We learned how to wash our hand correctly and the safest way to cough without spreading germs. Last week we focused on families and home, activities included making homes out of lollipop sticks, looking at pictures of different homes including igloos, ti-pees and caravans. The most enjoyed activities of the month was baby washing. All the children had a turn at washing the dolls in baths. This was really popular activity as lots of the children have new baby siblings or are expecting a new arrival soon.

Finally our after school group enjoyed getting to know each other by sharing their likes, dislikes and what they wanted to be when the grew up. We all decided that we were going to make an art wall and this included painting a wish flower and a equality & diversity poster using our hand prints. We also made a weather chart with different materials including cotton wool, beads, cds and straws. To say goodbye to September, we decided to try some science experiments showing us that oil, water and food colouring don’t mix and create colorful bubbles at the top – it was great fun.