This month in Pugwash Bay Mornington, the Turtles have been busy learning different types of transport, they made lovely colourful personalised cars. They were busy doing songs such as I’m a little airplane and the wheels on the bus using musical instruments. They even made their very own red bus and airplane. The also made a fab wall mural for their friendship area.

The starfish room started doing their very own yoga classes, all the children loved this activity and it also helps them to keep active on our rainy days. They also planted different types of vegetable seeds and are busy taking care of them and watching them grow. This month the children have shown an interest in shapes and colours so Clara and Jennifer have made up some fun games and songs to learn about this.

The sharks and Penguins have had a very busy August so far doing plenty of art and yummy baking, they made some fab animal hand prints, some very colourful and glittery peacocks

This month Fleadh Cheoil na Heireann returned to Drogheda, the children were very excited about this as most children went in to see the musicians and dancers. We decided to have a Pugwash Bay fleadh where the children all got a chance to show of their Irish dancing skills and perform songs for all their friends and dress up.

The children had bug themed activities, the children carried out their very own bug hunt and learned some bugs and butterfly songs. They made bug head bands. They done bug yoga where they done different bug actions. They are also going to make a wormery and leave it over the weekend to see how worms burrow.

All the rooms are getting ready for September and we can’t wait to welcome some new faces to our Pugwash Bay family. We also want to wish our children who are starting primary school Good Luck and we can’t wait to see some of you back as afterschoolers.


The ECCE is returning on Monday 2nd September and we look forward to seeing you all for the new term.