Schemes Available

Here at Pugwash Bay we have a vast range of schemes available to children and their families.

Please click here to see a copy of ‘A Parents Guide to the National Childcare Funding Programmes’ which will help explain each scheme available.

The New National Childcare Scheme launches November 2019 and it will replace existing schemes for new customers. There are two types of subsidy available. Parents can get ready to apply my ensuring you have a MyGovID Card and a verified MyGovID  Account. 

There is a guide available with more information and how to apply & a subsidy calculator for parents to view their entitlements.

Application are due to be available from the 20th November.

Customers on CCSP Plus and the Universal Subsidy can choose to stay on their current scheme or move over to the NSC.

The most common scheme would be the Universal Subsidy. This is for children aged 6 months up to when they are eligible for the ECCE – free pre-school years.
It is available for all families and is non means tested. The maximum deduction is €20 off full day fees. Options for part time and sessional care are also available.

CCSP (Community Childcare Subvention Private)

Funding is available for full time, part time and sessional childcare spaces for disadvantaged parents, parents in training or education or low income earners. If you or your child hold a medical card or if you receive a DSP payment you will be eligible for CCSP.

There is 4 different bands of deduction based on individual family circumstances and the maximum deduction for 5 full days is €145 per week

TEC – Training and employment Childcare

Provides childcare funding for parents who attend eligible training courses or who are getting back to employment.



For more information on any scheme that you may be eligible for please contact us for more details.