For the month of August we were very busy here at Pugwash Bay, Baystate, the children had lots of fun exploring and making things and from materials they found around the classroom. Some of these materials were lollypop sticks, feathers, beads, wool, lentils, bells, paper plates and tubes. The children used their creative imaginations to make some cool things, one being dream catchers. Making the dream catchers got us talking about some of our favourite dreams. These conversations then led to talks about the zoo and animals, so we decided to then make some of our favourite animals, we made some paper fish, lions, tigers, zebras and cats.
We also made the most of the good weather, we done some arts and crafts outside in the garden and had another sports day which included an obstacle course and some fun races which the children loved!
We are now ending the month by getting ready for back to school and the start of the new ECCE term which all the staff and children are very excited about.
Caroline will be taking the ECCE group upstairs in the Daisy Room while Emma and Kiera will have the ECCE group in the Poppy Room and Wunmi will have the ECCE group in the Sunflower Room. Reminder that Pugwash Bay, Bay Estate ECCE times are now from 9am to 12 daily.
We are looking forward to seeing you all on Monday the 2nd September